Tax Strategy vs. Tax Compliance

The difference is crucial for your clients!

While tax compliance (following the tax laws laid out by the IRS) is a necessary component of any company’s tax plan, there are lots of ways to reduce the amount of taxes your clients need to pay.

You need a CPA firm that will go beyond the compliance work and will proactively plan the best tax strategies for your clients, saving them lots of money, and making them appreciate you, their wealth manager, even more!

At our firm, we collaborate with our wealth managers in order to offer their high net-worth individual and business clients with customized tax strategies based on their specific situations. You as the wealth manager play a critical role in helping our firm understand your clients’ future goals and cash requirements.

At Averkamp CPA Group, we continually monitor any changes to the tax laws and legislation to ensure the tax strategy is adjusted on an ongoing basis. We utilize bespoke and top-of-the-line software to analyze clients’ personal and corporate activities. We then generate a customized tax savings strategy report and provide this to your clients.

Our team of experts combine the necessary tax compliance work while using these tax strategies to ensure your clients are in full compliance with all the tax laws, while at the same time saving them as much money as we can.

In many cases, our firm also provides the accounting and bookkeeping services and/or part-time CFO services to your clients, to help them thrive and become even more successful.

Reach out today to see how our firm can help you and your wealth management firm today!

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