Virtual CFO Services

Professional financial advice is the cornerstone of any major business decision. Is your business set up for maximum tax savings? Could you optimize your accounting processes, or even outsource them to save money? Is there a way to make more informed financial decisions? Is your business missing out on any opportunities for growth?

Every business should have access to a full-time experienced Chief Financial Officer to assist them with their financial decision making, but not every business has the funds to hire the right CFO or needs one full-time. The cost of hiring a full-time Chief Financial Officer, including bonuses and benefits, can easily exceed $150,000 per year. This prevents a lot of smaller companies from hiring the right person to help them streamline their business and to help them grow the right way.

Virtual CFO Services from Averkamp CPA Group allows your business access to experienced professionals with years of relevant experience, without the hefty annual salary. Take advantage of our CFO services only when you need them. Our experts can provide their top-notch services on an hourly or contract basis.

Need help developing business processes for your start-up? Need assistance dealing with Venture Capital firms? Looking for advice on mergers/acquisitions, or possible growth opportunities? The experts at Averkamp CPA Group have the knowledge and experience you need!

Your business will benefit in ways you can’t even imagine!

A few benefits of having Averkamp CPA Group by your side:

  • Better understanding of your cash flows and financials.
  • Optimization of accounting processes.
  • Improved decision-making based on analytics (not just gut feelings).
  • Access to our experts for consultation and thorough discussions of business opportunities.
  • Enhanced training and management of your accounting staff.
  • Option to have your Accounting and Bookkeeping services performed by our staff of expert accountants, which is typically more cost effective than having your own full-time accounting staff.
  • Benefit from all possible tax savings strategies. We have a full-service tax department to assist all our CFOs.
  • Ability to have our CFOs help you liaise with Venture Capital firms, bankers, attorneys, insurance agents, and vendors.
  • Assistance from our experts in dealing with mergers/acquisitions.

Want to know how Averkamp CPA Group can help you? Contact us today for more information, or for a free personalized quote for your business.

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